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To support the education initiatives throughout New Mexico, Pathway2Careers (P2C) plays in integral role in career readiness for all students. P2C seeks to clear the biggest hurdles in education by challenging current approaches and motivating student learning through career-connected relevance. ​
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New Mexico Early College Resource Center provides technical assistance, coaching, and resources for ECHS-NM designees, applicants, and prospective applicants. The site provides information about upcoming events, designation criteria and requirements, the application process, past event materials, and many other supportive resources and tools on this resource site

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New Mexico School Counselors’ Community of Best Practice to provide additional support to school counselors across the state. An emphasis is placed on career development with the provision of quality training, tools, and resources that support career advising with students via the effective use of the NM Career Pathways and Pathway2Careers Career-Connected Learning Suite. 

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NM Career Pathways allows educators, parents and students to explore detailed information about their local school districts, labor markets and career clusters. With the use of area-specific data that highlights median wages and annual job openings, this site helps stude